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Electrovac Hacht & Huber GmbH

Electrovac Hacht & Huber GmbH

Company information:

Materials innovation for high-tech industries

Electrovac is an internationally active company and produces by means of glass-to-metal technology hermetically sealed packages and sockets for the electronics-, automotive-, battery- and sensor-industry. The packages protect high-quality electronic components against environmental influences as for example dirt, salt fog, oil or high temperatures and pressures.

Our production lines in Klosterneuburg and Salzweg are available to you round-the-clock. Our range of products comprises of packages in small volumes for all kind of special applications, but also of high volume components which find use, for example, in the automotive industry. Together with our customers and cooperation partners we develop new products and necessary production processes.

The ability to produce prototypes within short times as well as the company`s many years of experience in production automation help you as a customer to reduce your “time to market”.

Electrovac Sensors   Electrovac Sensors

  • Electrovac Hacht & Huber GmbH
    Anglstr. 4
    94121 Salzweg/Passau
    Germany / Europe
    Tel.: +49 851 491 310
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