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Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH

Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH

Company information:

Manner Sensortelemetrie - Your partner in contactless measuring

The company Manner was formed in 1991 as an engineering office, with activities based on a new type of patented sensor telemetry process, which offers considerable advantages compared to the current state of technology. The outstanding feature of this system is the simple and reliable transfer technology of the rotating parts under even the most difficult environmental conditions. This proved to be very successful in solving problems, especially in the automotive industry.

Customer requirements, the demand for standard products and the rapidly increasing volume of orders made the foundation of the company Manner Sensortelemetrie in 1995 unavoidable. Based on existing technology, a wide range of products was developed over the years, all of which relate closely to the subject of non-contact measuring signal transmission, non-contact data and energy transmission. At the request of our customers this range of products was expanded over the years to include rotating torque transducers. Our various products are used mainly in mechanical engineering (automotive, rail and turbocharger / compressor / aviation turbine technology as well as marine and wind power installations etc.), from development, prototype testing and test stand applications right through to series applications in automated engineering.

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