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S. Himmelstein and Company

S. Himmelstein and Company

Company information:

Established in 1960, S. Himmelstein and Company designs and manufactures the world’s best torque sensors and instruments.  Company innovations have demonstrated leadership and created many advances in torque sensor technology.  These include the invention of rotary transformers for non-contact signal transfer, the first loop powered 2-wire torque transmitters, torque transducers with extremely high mechanical overloads, dual range torque transducers and the development of noise hardening for use with variable frequency drives.

S. Himmelstein and Company is singularly focused on providing the best torque measurement solution for our customers.  We offer in-line rotating as well as reaction style sensors with the widest selection of mechanical configurations and the broadest range of capacities from 0.07 Nm to 450,000 Nm.  All models are characterized by the highest available accuracies, highest mechanical overload and electrical overrange ratings, best noise immunity and world class temperature compensation.

All models are calibrated to their full capacity in our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, NVLAP lab code 200487.  S. Himmelstein and Company also provides recalibration services for torque sensors from virtually any other transducer manufacturer.