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T-SMART Vision is making thermal detection a new cognitive solution, why do we say this? Simply put, Our society has been increasingly aware, relying on thermal detection technology which has increasingly been used in a myriad of applications, from consumer to industrial. T-SMART has realized that measuring and monitoring temperature accurately can save lives through this pandemic. Additionally, improving and enhancing sensing capabilities can make smart infrastructure more capable. Thermal influences may not be realized fully, but temperature monitoring enables many of the products and services we use every day. The T-SMART technology capability was developed with customers and applications in mind, by incorporating software applications increases both the useability of the product and attractiveness. The T-SMART software and hardware addresses thermal issues on a large-scale but simplify complex and interdependent issues simultaneously. We are not just designing, and developing products, we build products that addresses current technology conditions that are perceived beyond post CoVid-19 pandemic. Our product technology will keep us respondent to recognize how thermal technology is of strategic importance to critical components and applications of this era.

Our thermopile sensors can be employed in a wide range of applications such as gas analysis, pedestrian detection for autonomous driving, car climate control, car seat occupancy, space and military applications, security systems, medical devices, temperature monitoring in manufacturing processes, appliances, and consumer products (microwave ovens, clothes driers, laser printers). These sensors respond to thermal radiation, especially suited for being used and implemented in many contactless applications, which have become increasingly widespread in recent times to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

T-SMART solutions are extremely robust, in monitoring temperature variation and thermal changes. Monitoring the change in industrial process variables, is a requirement and a valued competency, since a process variable can change at any time and circumstances. A sudden rise or fall specifically in a thermal measurement can happen at any regularity. For process monitoring situations that are sensitive to thermal changes, could result in situations being a matter of life or death, or a critical maintenance or safety situation. With a T-SMART thermal detector it will measure the changes in monitoring situations more accurately, with correct information, for the right action for control and measurement purposes.

Sensors in the future will be more intelligent and measure more accurately. Sensor technology will be the foundation within SMART applications. An (R&D) Engineer without the right knowledge about sensing and the application to be used in, will find it extremely challenging to successfully implement new sensor technologies. Therefore, T-SMART offers our “T-MeasureUp” software platform which is AI-Based, to compliment the sensor application, and maintain the capability of being a smart sensor, hence capable of a variety of functions and options. Ultimately Smart sensors will be able to perform self-assessments and self-calibration, by integrating real-time process analysis into the monitoring process, and provide accurate, non-contact temperature monitoring across a wide range of disciplines: manufacturing process control, product development, emissions monitoring, waste management, facilities maintenance and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) improvements, and more.

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