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Company Background:

Xunyin Technology (XY-TEK) is a high-tech company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of ultrasonic sensor products. We specialize in the application of ultrasonic sensors in fluid management and control, especially for small tubing and low flow rates. Our sensors are accurate, reliable and intelligent, and are widely used in medical devices, bioprocessing, scientific research, industrial control and food/beverage production.

XY-TEK 's clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensors are compact in size, and can measure flow and output results without external circuitry. The sensors can be directly clamped on flexible plastic tubing to accurately measure the liquid flow rate and detect air bubbles. The sensors are not in direct contact with the liquid in the tubing and will not contaminate the liquid. XY-TEK's in-line ultrasonic flow sensors can be easily integrated into existing flow lines, and they offer excellent accuracy, resolution and reliability.

In addition to our standard products, XY-TEK also provides OEM products and customized services. Our technical team is passionate about innovation and development, and strives to provide customers with high quality services and economical solutions. If you have any related needs, please contact us directly.