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Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd

Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd

Company Background:

Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd is trusted globally for gas sensing and gas detection solutions. Product ranges include an extensive selection of premium gas sensors and precalibrated circuitry, gas detector tubes, portable and fixed gas detectors, monitors and gas generators. Gas detection sensors and gas monitoring solutions are showcased online at:

Established in 1989, Euro-Gas has grown from its UK base to effectively deliver gas detection and monitoring products to a multitude of industries worldwide through its Distributor Network and with clients, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, leading gas detection instrument suppliers, installation specialists and research institutes. Meeting the essential needs relating to the health and safety of personnel and pollution control is at the core of Euro-Gas principles. This is equalled by high quality customer service, which has forged Euro-Gas’ reputation as a trusted gas detection solution provider with global reach.

The Euro-Gas gas sensor and circuitry range offers unique features and potential advances for end product performance, ensuring cost effective, high quality solutions for detection equipment manufacturers and system installers.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring in car parks, residential and fire detection systems can specifically benefit from Euro-Gas' low cost 2-electrode CO sensors. Guaranteed to operate continuously for over five years, the revolutionary design of high performance 2-electrode CO electrochemical sensors are available as a single sensor and with circuitry to provide 4-20mA or digital output. For example, Euro-Gas offers a TÜV approved package for Carbon Monoxide detection, with conformity to VDI 2053 Standard, developed specifically for underground car park gas detection. Where long-term Carbon Monoxide monitoring is critical, an unique 10 year warranted lifetime sensor version is also available.

For medical applications, specialist CO sensors have been designed for the detection of Carbon Monoxide in air, where Hydrogen is a cross-interferent. The primary application of such sensors is for breath measurement and is perfect for monitoring equipment utilised in ‘stop smoking’ programmes.

Utilising solid state technology, fast response miniature sized Hydrogen (H2) sensors presents lifetime of five years and choice of transmitters. Sensor solutions are also available for Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), flammable and more exotic gas monitoring. The latest Carbon Dioxide (CO2) infrared sensors deliver speed and low power consumption at 3.5mW; ideal for portable and battery powered instruments. Dual beam infrared is at the core of our housed CO2 industrial and air quality monitors, including our newest traffic light indoor environmental system. Euro-Gas sensors and accessories suit a wide range of applications, including industrial safety, air quality, HVAC, automotive, process control and more.

If you have a product query or would like to discuss your application, please contact the Euro-Gas tem who will be pleased to offer the solution to your gas sensing and gas detection needs:

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